Notice of Commissioners Meeting: June’s Commissioner’s Meeting is June 24, 6:30 pm at Assumption High School.  

Free Tree Program

The City of  has committed to rebuilding the tree canopy that was so much a part of our lovely city for decades. In the course of the past years, age and Mother Nature have caused us to lose many of those beautiful trees. The city is offering a limited number of free trees and installation to any homeowner who is willing to have one planted in their front lawn and will commit to caring for it. A local arborist has suggested four different types of trees that will one day enhance our city with tree-lined streets again. All trees must be planted in the front yard (not the easements). It is the residents responsibility to make sure a safe location is chosen. Stay away from underground pipes and wires.

If you are interested in helping to build up our tree population and would like to receive one of these trees, please contact Carol Petrites by email. Trees are first come first serve. Planting will occur sometime in November or December.