Notice of Commissioner’s Meeting: November Commissioner’s Meeting is Monday, November 28, 6:30 pm at the Farmington Visitors Center. Masks are required.


Weather in your area

Wed, 7 Dec 55°F 64°F Possible drizzle in the morning.
Thu, 8 Dec 50°F 57°F Rain throughout the day.
Fri, 9 Dec 50°F 58°F Overcast throughout the day.
Sat, 10 Dec 42°F 53°F Overcast throughout the day.
Sun, 11 Dec 39°F 53°F Possible drizzle in the evening.
Mon, 12 Dec 46°F 55°F Light rain overnight.
Tue, 13 Dec 43°F 55°F Light rain throughout the day.
Wed, 14 Dec 45°F 58°F Rain in the morning and overnight.