Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee, a three person panel of residents appointed by the City Commission, insures the compliance by city officials with standards of conduct as defined by City ordinance.

Ethics Policy

The City of Wellington Board of Ethics was created by Ordinance No. 36.05, as required by Kentucky Statutes. The purpose of the Board is to assure that standards of ethical conduct and financial disclosure requirements for officers and potential employees of Wellington are clearly established, uniform in application, and enforceable, as well as to provide officers and employees of the City with advice and information concerning potential conflicts which might arise in conduct of their public duties.

The jurisdiction of the Board of Ethics is very limited, and only deals with the areas expressly stated in the Ordinance. Those areas include nepotism, conflicts of interest in contracts, receipt of gifts, use of City property, equipment, and personnel, representation of interests before City government, misuse of confidential information, post employment practice before the City, and receipt of any honorarium. It is not within the authority of the Board of Ethics to deal with anything within the City that may be considered unfair or improper falling outside these areas.

Should there be a concern within these areas, a written complaint describing the concern should be forwarded to the City Clerk, who, as Custodian of the Records, will forward the complaint to the members of the Board of Ethics. The Board of Ethics would then review the complaint and determine whether it sets forth a violation within the authority established by the Ordinance. If so, the Board will take steps to address the complaint, which may include a full hearing. View the current members of the City of Wellington Board of Ethics.