Notice of Commissioners Meeting: June’s Commissioner’s Meeting is June 24, 6:30 pm at Assumption High School.  

Security reminders


As you are aware there has been an increasing number of carjackings, car break-ins and thefts across the city. Some of these incidents have occurred near Wellington and throughout the Highlands. While the Strathmoor Police Department patrols our area and our neighbors are vigilant, we wanted to share some measures you can take when you are out and about to stay safe: 


  • Be aware of your surroundings, including other vehicles and people.
  • If out shopping or picking up some items from a store or even unloading your vehicle look for what might seem unusual or out or place.
  • Think about being able to provide a detailed description of people and vehicles.
  • Carry your well charged cellphone with 911 readily available for a call.
  • If you feel your safety might be in danger then call 911.
  • Never leave a gun (or ammunition) in your vehicle. Always lock your vehicle.
  • Park your vehicles in your garage. If the garage is attached to the house close and lock the garage door and lock the door into the house.
  • Do not leave your car fob or keys in the vehicle.
  • If you do not have a garage park the vehicle in the driveway and preferably the backyard driveway. Lock the driveway gate.
  • Install security cameras and motion sensor lights.
  • If your doorbell rings, you can acknowledge their presence through the security camera/doorbell- do not allow them to enter your home.
  • It is easy to provide a list but when suddenly faced with a dangerous situation you never know how you might react. Stay alert and stay safe.