Notice of Commissioners Meeting: June’s Commissioner’s Meeting is June 24, 6:30 pm at Assumption High School.  

Block Watch / Local Crimes

For Metro Police Information:

Recently many unlocked cars have broken into through the Metro area. Please rest assured that the City is just as concerned as you are. In the interest of transparency, here are a few things we are currently doing. The City:

  1. Contracts with a Metro Officer for approximately ten patrols per month. The City sets the schedule and adjusts based on current situations. The City works with one dedicated Officer who does regular foot patrols of the City.
  2. Receives and review regular 6th Division LMPD Crime Notifications
  3. Maintains a log of everything that is brought to our attention and this is discussed in detail at our monthly meetings with the Officer present.
  4. Has a dedicated City email address and City of Wellington Facebook page that is a closed group that is monitored and actively post to. We shoot out alerts when necessary. (Next Door is not recognized as an official means of communication for the City as it is an Open site.)
  5. Is in contact with the Mayors of the adjacent cities and monitor their Facebook pages, etc.
  6. Provides house checks by our Officer upon request when residents are out of town.
  7. Most importantly, we are in process of forming a Block Watch Committee. Please reach out to to the committee chairs below, if you are interested in getting involved.

Block Watch Chair:

  • Carol P. – 2230 Wadsworth Ave. –  Email – 345-3429