Sanitation / Recycling

The City’s sanitation contract is with Ecotech and they provide all residents with one recycle tote and one garbage tote. Yard waste and garbage collection is scheduled for Tuesday of each week. Recycling is biweekly and also on Tuesdays. All services are from the curb. If a pickup is ever missed or you have other concerns about any of their services, please contact Ecotech directly. Phone: (502) 935-1130 / Website.

If you would like additional garbage or recycling containers, these are available for an additional charge. Please contact Ecotech customer service directly (502) 935-1130.

All waste containers must be set out by 6 AM on collection day – no earlier than 5 AM on the day before collection day.

All containers must be removed from the curb no later than 11:59 PM the day of the collection and stored on the property.

Holidays: Ecotech observes six holidays

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

If our Tuesday collection day falls on or after an observed holiday during that business week, i.e., Monday through Friday, that week's collection day will be postponed by one day. If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it does not affect the collection schedule.

See Ecotech’s current Holiday schedule for more information: Ecotech Holiday Schedule

Trash Collection: All garbage must be inside garbage tote.

Ecotech will pick up one large junk item per month. Junk pickup will need to be scheduled with Ecotech by calling (502) 935-1130.

Yard Waste: Collected year round and includes organic waste generated during regular household landscaping and gardening activities. Examples include: leaves, branches, twigs, shrubbery trimming, straw, pine needles, wood ash, and Christmas trees. Rocks, dirt, and gravel are not considered yard waste. Yard waste set out for collection must be in one of the following containers: reusable bin, paper yard waste bag or compostable plastic bag meeting

There is no limit on the number of paper bags or cans of yard waste that may be set out for collection. Guidelines for collection of yard waste:

  • Yard waste may be set out in garbage cans (including the large trash totes 96 gallons or smaller), paper bags, or compostable bags as long as each can or bag weighs no more than 60 pounds and can be easily lifted by the average person.
  • Yard waste such as grass, leaves, or other yard waste must be free of other garbage or plastics flower pots etc.
  • Woody waste (such as tree limbs and shrub trimmings) should be less than 2 inches in diameter and should be cut into 4-foot lengths and securely tied into bundles light enough to be easily handled by one individual.

Recycling: Acceptable recycling items include newspapers, magazines, junk mail, boxes (i.e., cereal, cracker, etc. with linings removed), corrugated boxes, soft drink boxes, orange juice cartons (rinsed out), detergent boxes (Tide, Surf, etc.). Aluminum foil, pie pans, and tin cans (rinsed). Beverage containers (soft drink bottles, beer bottles, etc.). All colors of glass (rinsed). All plastic items numbers 1-6.