Municipal Services

Our municipal services are provided through a combination of City of Wellington and Louisville Metro Government.

Louisville Police Department
If you have an emergency, please call 911.
For non-emergencies (car break-ins, door-to-door solicitors, etc.) Please call: 574-2111 (Option 5)

MetroCall 311
Phone: 311

Louisville Fire Dept.
Phone: (502) 574-3701

Waste Management (Garbage/Recycling/Yard Waste)
Phone: (502) 966-0117 / Website
**Trash, recycling, and yard waste pickup are handled by Waste Management.  All pickups are on Tuesdays.

Louisville Water Company
Phone: (502) 583-6610

MSD (Sewers/Drainage)
Phone: (502) 587-0603 / Website

Animal Control Services
Phone: (502) 473-7387

Inspections, Permits, and Licenses (IPL)
Phone: (502) 574-3321

Before You Dig
Phone:  811